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I’m an author of speculative fiction. I write about the fantastic in real-life settings. Often, so-called “fantastic” elements may not be as far-fetched as we believe. Throughout history, we’ve gazed at the stars with wonder. Are we alone?

When I was about 9 years old, I saw a UFO with my best friend while riding bikes. Actually, it wasn’t one, but a series of white lights in the skies that blossomed from pinpoints of light to pulsating full moons. Social media made it possible to reconnect with my friend who verified this memory. The sighting made such an impact on her that in school, she crafted a copper-plate depiction of us “playing ball” with the lights in the sky.

While Starseed is fiction, I did meticulous research on extraterrestrials and sci-fi lore and incorporated that research into the book. I wanted to know the truth. The Science Channel’s motto of “Question Everything” is tantamount to finding the truth, to question everything we were taught.

Starseeds are people, here on earth, who are attracted to the stars. They sense they are different and may feel lonely or separated from “normal” people. They shake their heads at the way things are done here on Earth, astonished at our war-like behavior with each other. They question all our institutions and their motives. They are often creative, with high intelligence. Starseeds are awakening, but many still have a “veil” of forgetfulness over them.

In my book, Starseed, the 16-year-old protagonist is a hybrid (half-human, half-extraterrestrial) but was raised “normally” in Louisiana. When she meets her star brethren in school, who were not raised on Earth, she awakens to her starseeded gifts and comes to know who she really is and why we are here.

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STARSEED. ISBN: 978-1937178291. Published by WiDo Publishing.